1984-86 Opel Ascona 1.6 S GLS

1984-86 Opel Ascona 1.6 S GLS
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1984-86 Opel Ascona 1.6 S GLS

1984-86 Opel Ascona 1.6 S GLS
– What a lovely car. It’s a shame about the lacquer peel on the body and wheels- without this it would be pretty tidy!

Basically a Vauxhall Cavalier saloon MK2 in the UK, this is a Opel Ascona C made between 1981 and 1988. This is a GLS model, the second highest spec. It has the 1.6 S engine, a sporty type, which might explain the spoiler on the rear.

I think the owner of this car is a massive fan of fog lights! 4 seems a bit excessive?! (by charlie cars on 2013-11-01 14:02:10 )

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3 thoughts on “1984-86 Opel Ascona 1.6 S GLS

  1. ‘YAH’, I like it! I’m going to stop saying ‘great find’ now beacuse, it looks like you’ve got it easier over there! Anyway, keep up the good work Charlie.

  2. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgk_88] Yup, it’s definitely easier to find old cars over here, but most are the same (old Mitsubishis, Datsuns, Nissans- basically Japanese) and this was the first Ascona I’ve seen here. I’m going to miss the cars here when I go back home in December! Anyway, I’m going to keep searching for interesting cars whilst I’m here, as it’s good fun!

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