1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse

1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse
– Almost forgotten now: Mitsubishi built the Eclipse in the USA from 1989 unitil 1994. Unlike its sister models Eagle Talon and Plymouth Laser some Eclipses were exported to Europe. (by harry_nl on 2011-05-14 14:09:54 )

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7 thoughts on “1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse

  1. These were very popular here in the States 10-15 years ago.

    Its funny how some makes and models of cars just disappear, but others live on strongly. It’s one thing I consider when I buy a new car. Some makes or models of cars are nothing but trouble after only 10 years, so people junk them.

  2. I see some of the new ones from time to time. I think they’re trying to get their feet back under them, so to speak, in the US market.

  3. What I do not understand is why I see brandnew Eclipses sometimes fully Euro spec, while they are not officially sold here.

  4. Mitsubishi stopped the Eclipse in Europe around 2000 after the second generation. I think the sales figures of the second generation were even lower then that of the first.

  5. I never see any in America, even recent ones. Do they still make them? I think they were heavily into many export markets to get volume to a profitable level.

    Just looked it up and the 2012 model is out. What a surprise!

  6. Nice-looking cars, and still popular with the tuner set as they are relatively easy to work on and take well to modifications like larger turbochargers. These first generation models are becoming somewhat rare these days though.

    Did Europe ever get the current model of the Eclipse? After the odd-looking 3rd generation car of the 2000’s, Mitsubishi went back to the styling cues of the first and especially second generation for inspiration. Quite a good looking car, though you don’t see many as Mitsubishi has been struggling in this market for some time now. They also hurt enthusiast sales by no longer offering an AWD model.

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