1999 Galloper 2.5 Van

1999 Galloper 2.5 Van
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1999 Galloper 2.5 Van

1999 Galloper 2.5 Van
– This is a Galloper built by Hyundai Precision in Korea under license from Mitsubishi. This rebadged version of the Mitsubishi Pajer/Montero was called Hyundai Galloper in most countries. However in the Netherlands the Hyundai name was not used as this car was sold by Mitsubishi dealers. They simply called it Galloper without using a brand name. (by harry_nl on 2011-08-27 10:35:09 )

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Title : 1999 Galloper 2.5 Van
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One thought on “1999 Galloper 2.5 Van

  1. Thanks for the description, I was curious to know whether they had been sold as Mitsubishi, or only by Mitsubishi, but as just Galloper.

    Here in Chile, these where sold as Hyundai Galloper, and no distinction was made with other Hyundai cars (or with the Santamo either). I still don’t understand why Hyundai Precision made these cars instead of Hyundai Motor.

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