Chevrolet Apache

Chevrolet Apache
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Chevrolet Apache

Chevrolet Apache
– Wrecked Chevrolet Apache –
The Hillbilly Mall, Little Texas, Alabama, USA (by Bill Herndon on 2010-05-05 13:15:55 )

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Title : Chevrolet Apache
Category : Chevrolet
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83 thoughts on “Chevrolet Apache

  1. Congratulations! Your photo has been chosen to participate in FotoVotr. This photo was selected based on its interest and popularity levels among the Flickr community. For more information, please visit our FotoVotr group. We would be honored to have you join us.

  2. Edurtreg… No truer words. Actually The Hillbilly Mall had a treasure-trove of stuff to photograph, but with limited time I tried to get the best of it.

  3. Horsetrainer… The Hillbilly Mall was full of good stuff to photograph. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time.

    Dbro1206… Thanks. This Chevy was a gem.

  4. Thanks Tower1411!


    It has seen better days!

    Very true, but at least now it’s immortalized on Flickr. 😉

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