Honda Accord

Honda Accord
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Honda Accord

Honda Accord
– Honda Accord at the Battle at the Bridge show (by dave_7 on 2013-07-13 11:12:43 )

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4 thoughts on “Honda Accord

  1. i wouldnt doubt it…. 80’s cars are being wiped off the map with north america’s recycle your ride program and salvage prices. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hyundai pony show up to a show. …

  2. Also love this year of Honda Accords. They front end looks similar to the Honda Prelude of that generation.
    Glad to see this car being saved.

    Speaking of Pony’s there are a few that show up at car shows now.



  3. Haven’t seen one in this mint a condition in a while, even in Los Angeles where these cars once were a dime a dozen.

    This is my favorite generation of the Accord. The pop-up headlights definitely add personality. Looks like the car’s got leather seats – I dunno about Canadian trims, but in the US, only the SE-i got factory leather.

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