Keinath GT

Keinath GT
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Keinath GT

Keinath GT
– German? car in between the size of an Opel GT and a Corvette. Fiberglass with a V-6 engine. The deluxe 14 page brochure has no specs or details other than superficial things like how easy it is to remove the hardtop and that it has remote door locks. (by Hugo-90 on 2012-01-23 13:14:12 )

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Title : Keinath GT
Category : Opel
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9 thoughts on “Keinath GT

  1. Looks like its based on an Omega judging by the heater controls & instrument cluster. Keinath made Opel Monza / Senator convertibles in teh 80s.

  2. That is one gorgeous car!
    Here is a link to information about the car in English:
    For those who speak German, a little searching turned up this page about the Opel Omega B:
    Scroll down and you will the Keinath GT. I used an online translator and it indicated there were plans to build about 20 a year.
    It also appears there were to be 3 different engine sizes.

  3. Thanks–surprising to use a platform from so long ago, and amazing that they still had the tooling. But too bad to have cool cars become donors, yes.

  4. It is based on the Opel GT, but witha V6 engine – too bad that real GTs have to be sacrified for this. But no more than 38 have been produced.

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