Opel Calera or Galera?

Opel Calera or Galera?
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Opel Calera or Galera?

Opel Calera or Galera?
– I have never seen this badge on an Opel before. It looks like a Vectra coupe. (by Ian Fuller on 2009-12-26 14:53:03 )

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Title : Opel Calera or Galera?
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7 thoughts on “Opel Calera or Galera?

  1. The Calibra is technically based on the Vectra A, even the dashboard and all meters are the same 🙂 Motors start with the very good and robust c20ne 2.0 liter 115 hp and going up to the top model with the 16V Tubo 204 HP. Originally not modified models do rise in price, as i observe on the market here in germany. Regards, Dirk . http://www.manta-cc.de

  2. Ah! OK. I couldn’t read the badge properly. No wonder I could not find Calera or Galera. They’re pretty good names for cars though.

  3. Here in the UK it is called a Vauxhall Calibra or an Opel Calibra.

    My friend has had a couple of these cars and they are reasonably quick.
    They have a 2.0 litre turbo and a V6 as top of the range.

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