Opel GT

Opel GT
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Opel GT

Opel GT
(by DFSB DE on 2008-08-03 13:24:51 )

Download Opel GT Car Wallpaper and Set Car wallpapers to your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile As Background or Facebook and Twitter Profile Covers. You can also Choose the resolution of the wallpaper from download links that fits on your display.

Opel GT details

Title : Opel GT
Category : Opel
Your Screen Resolution : Pixel
Image Resolution : 3072x2048 Pixel
Views : 57

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2 thoughts on “Opel GT

  1. what do you guys use on your engine hoses to keep them so shiney clean? I try many things before shows but all leave spots in the end…

  2. Well it´s not my GT, but usually people use silicone grease or spray (on a cloth).
    It usually works for some months, then it needs a refresh.

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