Opel Monza

Opel Monza
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Opel Monza

Opel Monza
– This version of the Opel Kadett was made and sold in South Africa. Because of pressure on GM not to do business in aparteid South Africa, production was done by Delta. I suspect Delta was the same people who worked at GM before and after.

Today I am posting twenty-one ads from my collection, and the subject is Opel, mostly from the eighties, a few later. (by Hugo-90 on 2010-02-03 15:10:17 )

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9 thoughts on “Opel Monza

  1. Chevrolet already has too many different models and can’t take on the Astra, particularly because it would be more expensive. Buick can charge a little more for them, especially the ones with the most options.

  2. One of the problems with the Astra in the US was its’ pricetag; $18k base without A/C or alloys. Both are necessary standard equipment for a "premium" car, and without them it was seen as a Cobalt with a hatch and a 50% markup.

  3. We only had Astra briefly under Saturn, but looked like a good one to me. They didn’t sell many, probably because people just assumed it was a new version of the old Saturn. There is talk of the next Astra returning as a Buick.

  4. I think the Astra may have been marketed better as a Chevy or a Pontiac , but the latter seems to have gone the way of Oldsmobile and Plymouth. Astras are sporty . Buicks I still think are big, cushy middle-class Caddys .

  5. Naturally…my sister had a 1999 Opel Astra until recently …It was built like a Hummer, handled like a Ferrari and rode like a Mercedes..one super small car.

  6. Your description about Delta is totally correct. It was a management buy out and they did very well considering the circumstances, but i think the share holders made good money when they sold back to GM when the new South Africa came in 94.

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