Peugeot 505

Peugeot 505
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Peugeot 505

Peugeot 505
(by Spanish Coches on 2010-02-21 14:01:27 )

Download Peugeot 505 Car Wallpaper and Set Car wallpapers to your Desktop, Tablet and Mobile As Background or Facebook and Twitter Profile Covers. You can also Choose the resolution of the wallpaper from download links that fits on your display.

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Title : Peugeot 505
Category : Peugeot
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Image Resolution : 4060x3060 Pixel
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6 thoughts on “Peugeot 505

  1. Yup it is, specially in more rural areas like this where people own these big fields. That day I also saw a Ford Orion in a very similar state (also missing its front fascia) abandoned in another field. Couldn’t snap it though.

    But if you have a walk around any city you will find several abandoned cars as well.

    I’m glad you like the landscape 🙂

  2. We passed with the car nearby it and saw it. And while my family was having a drink in a bar much further up the road I came down back to where this one was and snapped it 😀

  3. Is it common for people to just abandon cars in random places there? Around here you never, ever see that sort of thing – even the most trashy people take their old dead cars to a proper junkyard.

    Btw, the landscape in this region is so incredibly beautiful… here in the upper parts of North America it’s just pine trees, pine trees, pine trees, with a couple lakes here and there. In other words – ugly and depressing as heck.

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